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Lockport, New York


"Very excited to be working with local artist Michael Weber! He's been working hard on redoing the iconic signs that everyone associates with the Niagara Hotel!

~ Mandy Eick Sandolfini​

"Bravo! It's just amazing what you do with tape! So AWESOME!!!" - Erika Barba​

"Thanks to Michael "The Web Of Doom" Weber for the killer new Logo!" - Ed Koban​

"Thank you to Michael Weber for the great new sign inside the concert hall... Outstanding craftsmanship as usual. It is glorious!" - Greg Rinker​

"Michael always does superb work!" - Becky Marchetti​

"There are a lot of fun stories about Sweet Chalk and artist Mike Weber has contributed his share with his local history subjects. I think that he has grown as a chalk artist every year and his work was so impressive and everyone loved it." - Ellen Martin​

"The company I have dreamed about for the last 2 years is a reality...And a special thanks to Michael Weber for help in the design of the logo." - Calvin Barger​

"Michael has a great knack of mixing traditional art with new age. Keeping old school art alive. Michael has helped my business grow as a graphic artist for my own business and also mentoring me when I needed it. Now it's time for him to grow his own business. Wishing you the best of luck with all your future endeavours and still collaborating on great things together. 

~Danielle Bevacqua